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Interested in writing or shooting photography for us?

Please take a look at some of our guidelines which are really just some suggestions because we want to give you, the contributor as much creative freedom as possible!

Metronome is an online music journal chronicling the stories of the people behind the music you love. Written by musicians for musicians. With this description in mind we have created the following suggestions for the look, feel, and content for the publication:

Interested in contributing an article?

Drop us a note at [email protected]

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Article Guidelines

The following are suggested article topics for consideration:

  • - Musicians supporting mainstream acts behind the scenes or during tours.
  • - High quality musicians that are relatively or even completely unknown to the general public.
  • - Locations (Institutions, Concert Spots, etc.) that are hosting quality gigs.
  • - How music is impacting general society through education or in general.

Articles should be between 600-1250 words in length.
Featured articles should be between 1250-3000 words in length.
Album Reviews should be between 600-1000 words in length.


Photography Content Guidelines

  • - Process shots (musicians setting up, preparing for a performance etc.)
  • - Live action shots
  • - Location Shots (music related buildings, concert halls etc.)

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
You are also welcome to run article ideas by us for feedback or suggestions.


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